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A glimpse of the future

Introducing the exciting new Vision URBANETIC concept

Mercedes-Benz Vans’ brand new concept, Vision URBANETIC, is an idea that could change the way we consider transport forever.

Our revolutionary approach eliminates the separation between people-moving and goods transport with a self-driving, electrically powered chassis that has interchangeable bodies depending on the function required. It’s an idea that will help meet the needs of expanding cities, growing businesses and increasing numbers of commuters.

By incorporating an IT infrastructure that analyses the supply and demand within a defined area – in real time – our self-driving fleet will follow routes planned flexibly and efficiently on the basis of current transportation needs.

It’s an ambitious but entirely realistic concept.
Vision URBANETIC can accommodate up to
twelve passengers, while the cargo module can
carry up to ten pallets, which means fewer vehicles
on a virtually unchanged road infrastructure.

With fully automated driverless operation, operating costs fall significantly. And with the exception of charging times for the battery-electric drive and maintenance periods, each vehicle can be in use around the clock, 365 days a year. It means, for example, the concept provides an answer to an
ever-increasing demand in the logistics sector –
and its lack of drivers.

What’s more, Vision URBANETIC’s electric drive delivers zero emissions, making it the perfect vehicle for city centres and areas subject to legal access restrictions. And the virtually noiseless electric drive presents new options for late or night-time deliveries, offering major commercial potential. All of this makes Vision URBANETIC a groundbreaking concept for future urban mobility.

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